Pain is difficult to diagnose and treat in children. Competing theories claim that children do not experience pain as adults do; or rather that children are unable to communicate their pain. Most importantly; pain is misunderstood in children and therefore difficult to appropriately treat. Current research indicates that formerly used common treatments are no longer safe for use in children. In one of my past projects, we compared Oral Morphine versus Ibuprofen for at home pain control in children following orthopaedic surgery. We are seeking to better manage pain as effectively as possible.

I enjoy working with the enthusiastic and brave young patients I recruit into these studies (much of my work is focused on paediatrics). Without these inspiring young individuals, we are unable to test novel new theories today to make the great scientific advances of tomorrow.

Trained as an international medical graduate I don’t "practice" medicine. I work passionately to advance patient care by focusing my talents on clinical research. My training & experience allows me to bring a wealth of knowledge to the projects I work on.

My clinical background and education uniquely position me for success. In my current role I regularly coordinate study monitoring, funding, reporting, study design, ethics preparation, site selection, RA training, recruitment, reporting, and much more.

I am always willing to get my hands dirty while putting in the extra hours to get the job done right. I believe in hard work and dedication. I strive to do this by not only working harder but working safer and smarter. Safety is my number one concern, not only for our patients but also for our research team. I have a track record of first-rate leadership including the awarding of an Excellence in Leadership Award in 2005 from Western University President Paul Davenport.

Clinical safety is continually at the forefront of my work. Working with children in my clinical projects it is my duty to ensure the highest level of safety standards and medical ethics is always upheld; the bar is always set higher. Having taken the Hippocratic oath vowing to do no harm, I have a keen understanding of the need for medical safety and risk management. My past involvements have enriched my ability to work according to government regulations, SOPs, and GCP requirements. I actively pursue professional development opportunities as appropriate to enhance my abilities.

My global experiences empower me to apply my talents to a diverse range of environments. My interpersonal skills, steadfast work ethic, and superb capacity to communicate efficiently with health care professionals, researchers, patients, and colleagues enable my achievements.

Skills & Expertise

Clinical Trials

Hair Cortisol Extraction

Project Management

Clinical Safety

Time Management


Data Analysis

Scientific Literature


University of Sint Eustatius School of Medicine

Doctor of Medicine, 2013
Bachelor of Medical Science, 2011

Semmelweis University

Medical Science, 2007-2009

The University of Western Ontario

Bachelor of Science, 2007
Major in Chemistry, Major in Biology

Current Research Focus

"If we knew what it was we were doing, it would not be called research, would it?"
    -Albert Einstein

Extraction & Analysis of Compounds and their Metabolites in Hair

Clinical Research and Patient Diagnosis

Adverse Drug Reactions & Drug Safety

Multiple studies looking at incidences of ADRs and Drug Safety.

Paediatric Pharmacology

All manner of topics where children are exposed to various medicines.

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